Welcome to Performing Arts Services

Performing Arts Services (PAS) specializes in strategic, operational and facilities planning for the cultural, education and entertainment sectors. PAS is a distinguished management consulting company devoted to cultural development, facilities planning and performing arts production. The firm's business is to help guide the planning and development of arts facilities, and to assist in the formulation of strategic and long-range plans for arts programming.

PAS maintains business relationships with a range of professional specialists such as: architects, acousticians, theatre consultants, MIS specialists and systems designers, box office consultants, and marketing and communications strategists who are brought together in various configurations depending upon the demands of each assignment. PAS provides cultural planning services in the areas of artistic programming, arts education, marketing, community engagement and facilities planning. 

Message from the President

“We provide the experience and expertise that helps people working in the field of culture – whether they are an artist, an arts organization, performing arts company, community theater or a school district – be successful in their artistic endeavors.”

Philip S. Thomas, 2006

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